Sea Storm Studios is a film and video production company located on the remote Northern California coast at the borders of both Mendocino and Sonoma Counties.

One of our documentaries in production is ‘Seabiscuit’s Legacy’, the trailer for which is playing here. It’s an inspirational feature film about courage, hope, and healing, and the powerful bond between humans and horses.

Another documentary we are working on is about how filmmakers bring documentaries to the screen for us all. This will be a compilation from our years of interviews at the Mendocino Film Festival.

We produced and edited the 2018 promo videos for the Mendocino Film FestivaL May 30 and June 1-3, 2018.

This year, for the first time, we are doing Facebook Live interviews with filmmakers and celebrities. We will post those here after they post to the Mendocino Film Festival Facebook Page. For more information about the festival, go to