A Whale of a Chance

A Whale of a Chance

One team’s fight to show the world why protecting and increasing the whale population of this planet can reverse climate change, how over the lifetime of just one blue whale, more carbon is sequestered than thousands of trees could do in their lifetimes. Whales further help the environment because their excrement feeds the phytoplankton on the ocean’s surface which produces over 52% of the Earth’s oxygen.

They struggle to enact laws to protect these precious whales and to assign carbon credits so that they will no longer be hunted, nor caught up in fishing lines and gear, nor struck by ships. They have to fight commerce head on with new legislation and protections. There are highly contested battles to overcome legally, politically and society-wise to show why whales need more protection, why their numbers need to be increased, and how to supplement those on the planet where whaling is a means of survival or current “right” to do so, as in Japan, with other means of support through carbon credits.

But big business is slow to change, and deadly tactics to silence the team are used. It’s a race against time. Will they be able to overcome all the obstacles, win those fights, and help the whales save the planet?


SEA Storm Studios

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