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This podcast covers a range of exciting and insightful topics with Public Radio Host / Film & Voice Producer & Editor Leigh Anne Lindsey – from Entertainment (film production, movies, music, festivals) to Travel (restaurants, lodging, locations, activities) to All Things Horses (healing, training, teaching, trail riding, horse care and management, and the horse-human connection) to All Things Tech (AI, AR, VR, & more) and even Health & Science (a look inside the universe and ourselves to living healthier lives.) Her interests are broad, and she loves hearing about creativity, fun things to do, fun places to go, scientific and technology insight, and healthy things to do for ourselves. 






Leigh Anne Lindsey


Leigh Anne Lindsey

Host's Background

Leigh Anne Lindsey has been on-air at KGUA 88.3FM in Gualala, CA (Mendocino County) for many years (as a talk show host, a music show host, & an audio producer.) She started working in radio during the 70’s in Aspen, CO at album-oriented rock (AOR) station KSPN 97.3FM & TV2 as a radio producer, TV film editor, and rock show host. She’s producing film and voice productions as Sea Storm Studios. Seabiscuit’s Legacy (a feature length documentary about positive transformations through the healing horse-human connection), set at the Home of Seabiscuit, Ridgewood Ranch in Mendocino County, CA. Lindsey does voice over production work (commercials, IDs, public service announcements), and is now producing a new podcast and “It’s All That!” which will be available in 2024 on all podcast platforms.

She lives and works in the Sea Ranch, California, a 10 mile coastal community filled with redwoods and lined by rocky cliffs on the rugged Northern Sonoma coast. She’s a lifelong horsewoman who started at age 2 with her first horse “Bucky.” She then competed in rodeos at age 5 (barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole racing, & Western Pleasure events), trained her first horse at age 11, and was a Rocky Mountain trail guide by age 16. After that, she learned to pack her horses into the Aspen-Snowmass Wilderness for many years. She also loved river rafting, hiking and camping, and jeeping during the summers, and downhill skiing during the winters.

She has one black & white registered Paint horse named Jax, and two adopted, black cats, Ollie & Onyx. Her son is a UI (User Interface) Artist who works in the video and VR game business (his dad is head of AR, AI, and VR at Deutsche Telekom.) Lindsey spent 2 decades in the Silicon Valley Tech industry (from the mid-80s to the early 2000s) conducting strategic alliances, venture capital (VC) rounds of financing, and sales and marketing efforts. She has also been a professional model, photographer, and print and radio journalist….

She’s a “Jack of All Trades” and will joke that she’s “Master of none.”

COmING soon: our first PODCAST, A 3-part series called “Rescue me” with guest Marjorie Dowell, horse rescuer & trainer

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