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Going forward in 2022 (and the decade beyond), we are and will be working on documentaries, TV series, and movies.

Voiceover Productions

We have a cast of voices for films, commercials, and audiobooks.


We will be creating storytelling podcasts and interviews to tie in with our indie film productions.

Films/TV, VO, Podcasts

Meet The Team

Leigh Anne Lindsey

Producer, Editor, Voiceover Artist

John Osborne

Writer, Producer

Jordan Schussler

Graphics & Voiceover Artist

Paul Mundy

Fundraising/Marketing Director, Podcast Producer, & Voiceover Artist


"My great-grandfather would have been pleased"

My wife Lynn & I are proud to endorse the producer’s endeavors to create an inspirational documentary about the historical events which surrounded a little horse named Seabiscuit. My great-grandfather would have been pleased that it will benefit special needs children who gain healing through horse therapy, the gardens which feed the patients at the nearby hospital first built by my great-grandfather, and the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation so that generations to come will continue to be touched by his indomitable spirit.

Retired Col. Mike Howard
Great-grandson of Seabiscuit’s owner, Charles S. Howard

"We proudly support the production of Seabiscuits Legacy"

We proudly support the production of Seabiscuits Legacy as it portrays a story of courage, hope, and healing. We believe Seabiscuit’s owner Charles Howard – who helped build the original hospital in 1928 – would be thankful for the ongoing attention and positive impact Seabiscuit continues to have all these years later. Our mission at the Frank R Howard Foundation (based on Howard’s vision) is to establish, promote and support programs that maintain, as well as improve, health care for the community of Willits and the entire Northern Mendocino County area.

Margie Handley
President - The Frank R Howard Foundation, Board Member - Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation

"Seabiscuit was one of the greatest racehorses that ever lived"

Seabiscuit was one of the greatest racehorses that ever lived. He was a beloved popular icon of the 1930s, a rags-to-riches hero who captivated and uplifted a nation, stricken by the Great Depression.

Laura Hillenbrand
Author 'Seabiscuit - An American Legend' & 'Unbroken', Board Member - Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation

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