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Leigh Anne is a visual and audio producer with various projects in development, one of which is the feature-length documentary, Seabiscuit’s Legacy, now in post. She is GM of public radio station KGUA 88.3FM in Gualala on the Southern Mendocino and Northern Sonoma Coasts in California. Sea Storm is located inside the KGUA studios at The Village in Gualala.

Leigh Anne has filmed, edited, and produced online tourism shows, commercial videos, and film festival promo reels for the Mendocino Film Festival where she filmed interviews with visiting filmmakers and celebrities. 

She worked for 2 decades in the Silicon Valley tech industry, from the mid-80s to the early 2000s, helping international tech companies thrive through sales and marketing, strategic alliances, and venture capital fundraising efforts. She raised millions for tech companies (in the multimedia and hardware sectors) during their series B and C fundraising phases. 

Earlier in life (when living in Aspen, Colorado), Leigh Anne was a rock radio DJ who produced radio commercials and edited films for TV. Leigh Anne lives and works among the redwoods along the rugged Northern Sonoma County coast with her black cats Ollie & Onyx and black & white registered American Paint Horse “Jax”.


Seve is an international creative artist. She has been around the world working in multi disciplinary arenas including: Independent & international film, corporate & educational video, community TV, radio, concert & web production. Seve’s film work includes documentaries: 1420, la aventura de educar, Argentinian producer – Raúl Alberto Tosso  & Italian Americans and Federal Hill,  Jon Rabun.  Independent films she’s worked on include: The Wicked Men – Gregory Bayne,  Neris  & Sign of the Whale  – Noah Weisel. Seve has traveled to Taiwan, China, & Tibet with Zimbala TW, filming and creating content for Nymgal Dunhop to support Tibetan Rinpoches. She also worked with Luce Torreforte in Italy, India & Africa to create content for Shala Heart Wellness center in Kenya, Africa.  Seve produced & hosted The Holistic Half Tv , which aired on community media channels in California, Rhode Island & Idaho. She currently is Director of Production & Programming at KGUA 88.3FM public radio in Gualala CA, hosts / produces The Drift, a travel radio show and podcast, and is Founder of The North Coast Link (an online director for the Northern California coast) also located inside KGUA studio, The Village, Gualala, CA.

Leigh Anne Lindsey
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You can contribute to our production by making a tax-deductible donation to our fiscal sponsor, the Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation, with a note: “For Seabiscuit’s Legacy documentary.” Thank you!

The Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation then gets 10% of every donation which helps them preserve the buildings and conserve the land at the Home of Seabiscuit, Ridgewood Ranch.

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